The Different Tastes of Diwali

This October marks yet another overwhelming start of the double trouble festival season. Usually, Diwali is more likely the mid pattern of nearing the year end. So from October, every month is a chance of every new festival that is influentially very significant and calls for a celebration in itself. However, the IT sector or the work pressure does not call for holiday or quits to indulge us with a bit of rest. Which specifically means, the industries are opened up, the caterers are supplying and we are eating just what we usually have. The difference lies only in the market that has lighted up with new merchandise and new spirits.

Amongst the cranked up markets, there are people still owing themselves to the corporate routine who need tiffin every 5 days a week. Amidst this routine, sometimes the caterers surprise you with a big dollop of basundi, or most certainly 3 balls of gulab jamun. And that’s how we know today is something special. Otherwise, festival does not bother us with any more special treatments. In this festive routine, there happens to be a rising hope for more balanced diet and nutritious delicacies with some of the caterers. The equal nutrition given through karanji, chakli, shev and ladoo is what makes the festival more special. Most prominently people end up eating too much of sweet in festive times, or gain weight through overeating. Any which ways calls for a controlling diet in the post festive season. Instead, what if we gave you an option for a low cal festive delicacies. Yes! There happens to be such a thing called low cal festive foods.

Paushtik/ Nutritious Ladoo:

So for starters let’s assume you like Laddoos. Just substitute the boondi/ rava/ besan Ladoo with paushtik Laddo. Paushtik Ladoo are made from different ingredients. There may be multigrain, or multi vitamin laddoos. Whatever you prefer, paushtik laddoo is the most nutritious guilty pleasure you can try this festive season.

Wheat Chakli/ Baked Chakli:

Chakli has been the favourite foods of Diwali. Earlier when the era of cooking prevailed all ladies did an Armstrong job while making chakli. The twirling circular food has made in the top three of Diwali foodstuff since long. But, along with the most wanted snack it has also added up to highest weight gainer snack for everyone. The oily and prickly snack can be your best friend if you alter some of the ingredients. Usually Chakli is made of a specific blend of flours, often called Bhajani. Instead of this blend you can use just the wheat flour and fry them. Or if you don’t like frying, you can bake them in microwave which taste exactly the same minus the extra calories they can put you up.

Diet Chivda:

This might bring the smirky look on you, but, yes, there is something called diet chivda. Although, chivda is just another snack that tastes good and is quick stomach feeling bite but since you are on the weight control regime why not practice it in full swing? So, diet chivda is nothing but a mixture of different crunchy ingredients that can make you feel light and strong even in the most awaited festival of Diwali. Ask your tiffin supplier for it, and you will know that he takes special order for such stuff.

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