O’Zara- The Taste of Health

Food is all about its intake and what it gives to the body. Apart from sufficing the hunger, food, needs to add the necessary energy needed for a healthy body. Eating anything or anyway is definitely not the way to achieve it. So, when a caterer tells that they bring out the best healthy lunch and dinner and packed with nutrition, most certainly, it means you have to pay extra bucks. Some minor studies show the statistics for healthy and nutritional foods to be greater than what we intend to actually pay. The competition of the cost for diners, restaurateur and food joints has always hampered our daily budget unintendedly. I, personally, find it very frustrating when I am on a tight budget, and only healthy food I can have is processed and packaged food (which I do not like at all). Moreover, I hardly doubt that it’d be healthy at all.

Therefore, while again I was on a budget (Month end does come every now and then), I started exploring my budget friendly healthy food options. When the scorching heat of sun tires you, having a cold soothing sherbet or cold coffee is all what you want. But, if you calculate your daily limit, it certainly doesn’t add up in your food regime. Because, first you would have to set aside your food money and add this extra expense in the same. Instead, I however, have a better option to it. Have a lunch or dinner, wherein this tall cold glass is included in your diet. It will suffice your hot day, your hunger pang and keep you on the budget leash without extra trouble. My Personal recommendation for this food choice, is the mini lunch at O’Zara. Commuting daily to work with absolutely nothing much of choice in the industrial zone of Chakan, my daily pitstop for a quick bite and refreshing drink is O’Zara. The mini lunch serves a refreshing glass of buttermilk, or the seasonal sherbet, depending on the day’s climate and a nutritional combo to go with it. So, there you have a budget food nutri choice all in one package.

If someday, however, you don’t feel like the cold glass or a nutritional food, you can skip the health regime and serve yourself with some proper Indian Junk food. But, even so, nothing will be too much harmful at all. The special kothimbirwadi or maaswadi in fact is a great way to restore your body fibers which in other circumstances we avoid anyhow. And if you are in no mood for junk food, or health food, the daily balanced diet of roti, sabzi, daal rice is what keeps these caterers going for better taste, better health and better finger licks in all places. All these are just better ways and means to avoid an impulse of lazy food thus paying double bucks to the doctors later. So, if you are on a budget, does not mean you need to eat whatever is put in front of you, how much ever unhealthy you might think it to be. Where there is a budget, there always will be a good choice for healthy and nutritious food.